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9th Mar 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Nutrition 1
Happy National Nutrition Month!

We’re excited it’s March…time to celebrate National Nutrition Month!  The American Dietetic Association’s theme this year is to “Eat Right with Color.”

At NDC, we know that eating well is part of our long-term health goals. The ADA provides a great color guide to use when preparing meals and snacks. “Food variety supplies different nutrients, so to maximize the nutritional value of your meal, include healthful choices in a variety of colors.” -ADA Spokesperson Karen Ansel.

The guide includes:

Green: antioxidant potential, promotes healthy vision and reducing cancer risks

Orange and deep yellow: promotes healthy vision and immunity

Purple and blue: antioxidant and anti-aging benefits, may help with memory, urinary tract health, reduce cancer risks

Red: healthy heart, vision, immunity, reduce cancer risks

White, tan, brown: healthy heart, reduce cancer risks

See the link below to view entire the color guide along with suggested fruits and veggies:


Happy Eating!

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