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I have the greatest job in the world…being the father of the cutest 5-month old baby there is!  My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Allen Birthing Center (allenbirthingcenter.com) for the pregnancy and birth of our first born daughter, Delaney.  Our experience with Midwife Amy Giles and her staff was nothing short of spectacular.  They were personable, kind, knowledgeable and most importantly, they allowed us to CHOOSE how we wanted to welcome our baby into the world.

I admit, as a chiropractor, I may be more interested and invested in the birthing process than your average man. However, I went into that birthing experience simply as a supporting husband and excited father. I supported my rock-star wife through a long labor. She has the greatest what-I-call, “mom-strength” around!

As Delaney entered the world, she cried as new babies often do. We were elated as new parents but as the initial few moments passed, Delaney still cried. She had endured a long labor herself and wasn’t necessarily calming as quickly as we would have liked. In that moment, Midwife Amy knew exactly what to do.

She said, “Jonathon, why don’t you try adjusting her?”

So I gently assessed Delaney’s spine and found her first bone in her neck to be misaligned. With a small, gentle adjustment, using the smallest pressure of my pinky finger, Delaney instantly became calm and soon after fell asleep. It was pretty remarkable.

I’m grateful for the experience I had to provide that first bit of comfort to my newborn daughter.  Even more grateful that we had entrusted a midwife who had embraced the body’s natural ability to heal and reminded me to do for Delaney what I know how to do!


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