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31st Mar 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Fun 2
Allergies? They’re baaaack…

Finally! Spring has made it to North Texas. The flowers are in bloom, the sun is out and it feels great outside. However, nothing can ruin a perfectly good day faster than the sign of that first sneeze…because you know there’s about 50 more coming after that!

If you’re one of the many who’s considering buying stock in Kleenex and Allegra, you might want to stop by New Directions Chiropractic and see if we can help you!

I know what your thinking. Seriously? Why would I see my chiropractor for itchy, watery eyes?

There’s a simple explanation:
Allergic reactions are our body’s way of fighting off foreign substances such as pollen, dust, dander, etc. When you are subluxated or misaligned, your nervous system can’t fight off stresses such as allergies quite as easily. This causes your body to react.

Receiving chiropractic adjustments will help create balance of your nervous system, making it easier for your body to accept the changes in the environment; essentially putting your best “face” forward. So this time, when Spring comes along…you’ll be able to handle it!

A healthy spine makes a healthy you. Come see us!

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