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19th Apr 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic for Kids 2
Ode to Soccer Moms

Soccer moms are awesome…I should know, I have one!

Growing up, my mom traveled all over the great state of Oklahoma for my soccer games. She was there in the stands each week, rain or shine (or wind or heat), wearing my jersey number button and a smile! She still is my greatest cheerleader and fan.

Of course, my mom wanted to see me do well and excel in sports…but even more so, she wanted me to be healthy and safe. So, before the start of the season, she took me to the chiropractor.

Besides checking my spine and finding the eight vertebrae out of alignment (due to some serious roughhousing with my brothers), the doctor checked my posture, muscle strength and balance/coordination. As a growing kid, I know that this benefited my body and performance on the field. See! I knew my mom was awesome…she’s also smart!

At New Directions Chiropractic, we’re here to provide that same great service to kids and adults alike! As chiropractors, we make sure your nervous system is functioning at its best and when its at its best, you can be sure you perform at your best. Come see us. You’ll feel better about your sons’ need for speed (and the occasional fall) or your daughters’ fearless attitude (for heading EVERY ball that comes her way). So when injuries do happen, their bodies will bounce back faster!

Bring in your kids (and husbands too!) and we’ll make sure they’re in tip-top shape to take on their worthy opponents!

Call us, e-mail us, Facebook and twitter us! We’re here to cheer them on too!

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