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Archive for November, 2012
Adjusting Dirty Dishes…
27th Nov 2012Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic News 0

Neglect a pile of dirty dishes and before you know it, you have a LOT of tough scrubbing on your hands. Dried sauce turns to cement, bits of leftover veggies and pasta harden like asphalt. The longer you wait to wash them, the harder they are to get clean. SIMILARLY, the longer you wait to […]

Meet Rachel!
13th Nov 2012Posted in: Blog 0

You may have noticed we’re all looking a little more relaxed these days at NDC. That’s because we’ve got Rachel, our fabulous Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Rachel’s good. You know how I know? Because just after each massage, our patients are ready to make another appointment to come see her! With over 10 years of […]

Thankful Tree
12th Nov 2012Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Fun 0

Introducing our Thankful Tree… We’re humbled and grateful for each of the patients we see every day!  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ve put up our thankful tree, a chance to remind us of the things that we’re thankful for and an opportunity to give back! So how does it work? For each leaf that’s […]

Our Digs
2nd Nov 2012Posted in: Blog 0

Here’s a few of our favorite pictures of our new office! Thank you to Jenna Liston Photography for some great photos!                

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