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Dinner with the Doc FAQ




Quick Q&A about our big night:

Q: So, why would we do this?
A: Because we care! We think you as our family and you deserve the BEST. The best in health care, the best in service and the best in party events! We also believe in paying it forward. Time and time again, we hear people say “I wish someone would’ve told me that!” So that’s what this night is for, giving you and anyone you care about better information to help you live a better, healthier life.

Q: Better question, why would you want to come?
A: Besides the fact no one likes a party pooper? Do you ever have questions about why there’s so many people (kids ESPECIALLY) on prescription drugs, what’s all the controversy with vaccinations, why someone you know feels perfectly healthy and then gets diagnosed with cancer? This is a night for answers!

Seriously, if someone was feeding you delicious food (that you don’t have to cook), information that could help your family, and the chance to win cool stuff, why would you turn it down?

Q: Is this some sort of boring seminar or timeshare presentation?
A: Heck no. First, we don’t do boring. Second, there’s nothing to sell here. This night isn’t about us…it’s about YOU!

Q: Who’s invited?
A: Anyone who’s health matters to you. Family, friends, neighbors, your optometrist, your plumber…you name it. We want them there! Being the family office we are, you know any little one is welcome, however because this night includes a feature film, we want you to be prepared and know some kiddos don’t always last.

Q: Why does it cost money?
A: Arguably a night of this caliber has immeasurable value. However, people also value what they pay for, which means that for a small ticket fee of $10, combined with Dr. Harrison’s pocketbook, we’re able to give you all that this night has to offer in way that you deserve!

Call us at (214) 215-4119 to get your tickets!

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