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20th Oct 2015Posted in: Blog 0
A Visit to Suncreek Kids


We had SO much fun hanging out with the cutest little kids at Suncreek Preschool today!  (Seriously, they are precious!) Dr. Harrison played a game of ‘Simon Says’ and talked about how all parts of their bodies function because of their nervous system!  Each kiddo got a “nerve” (pipe cleaner) to put inside our Mr. Spine so they can see that all those nerves are protected by their spine!  We demonstrated what it’s like to have a subluxation or misalignment of their spine with pool noodles (one lucky kiddo wore the ‘brain’ hat) and how that is expressed in their body, whether it’s sickness, ear infection, constipation, difficulty sleeping or concentrating  etc.  We showed them how gentle an adjustment is and how much fun it is to visit Dr. Harrison to feel all better!

It was such a great time!  Thank you so much for letting us be a part of their learning lives today!

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