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harrisonWe’re excited to announce beginning in July 2015, New Directions Chiropractic will be hosting a monthly Meet & Greet for new families, especially expectant parents. This is a great opportunity for you to meet Dr. Harrison, tour the office and ask any questions you may have.  We encourage all to attend!

NDC Meet & Greet’s will be held the first Tuesday evening of every month at 6 pm.  Please call or email the office to secure your RSVP, there are limited spots available and we want to plan on YOU!

We look forward to being your family chiropractor!  We’re honored you chose our care! See you July 7!

#whereintheworldisdrhSummertime is here and which means it’s time to play ”Where in the World is Dr. H?” Dr. Harrison is hoping to tag along with YOU to make this summer the most memorable YET!  Will you help him?

Here’s how it works:

1. Grab one of Dr. H’s face cutouts in the office and bring him on your vacation/stay-cation/summer fun.

2. Snap a picture of him vacationing with you…chilling poolside, climbing Kilimanjaro, camping in the woods, watching Netflix etc. and upload it to your facebook/twitter/instagram with hashtag #whereintheworldisdrh. 

Be sure to share it to our page too! You can also send it to info@newdirectionschiropractic.com and we’ll post it for you!

3. At the end of the summer, we’ll give away prizes (including a $50 iTunes card for one lucky player) and awards for the most creative, adventurous and funniest pics we see!

Contest ends August 31st!  Happy summer everyone!

freedomfromearinfectionsRAISING SUPER KIDS!

Introducing our new FREE community workshop series dedicated to families who want to lead truly healthy lifestyles.

Look out! Top secret training of superheroes is officially in session!  Come and be informed and LEAVE with heroic action steps to implement in your families. Nearly every day we hear our patients tell us, “I wish someone had told me this a long time ago!”  So we’re doing it…empowering you and everyone you know how to live a superhero style life!  Your first wealth is health! Join us and tell everyone that NEEDS this info!

Freedom from Ear Infections!
FREE, Saturday, May 2nd @ 3 PM

John & Judy Gay Library, McKinney
Nearly 85% of children suffer from ear infections before the age of 3…it’s common, but that doesn’t make it NORMALl! Want more answers and less antibiotics? Join us for an informative one-hour event, understand the CAUSE and finding a REAL solution!

This is a FREE EVENT!  Bring your friends, childcare available!

Ladies and gents, it’s that lovin’ time of year! Time to share that love of your favorite chiropractor, selfie style!


Step 1: Print out a “I LOVE MY CHIROPRACTOR” poster (or make your own) and take a selfie!  Make sure to fill out the reason WHY you love your chiropractor 🙂

Step 2: Post the selfie to your facebook, twitter or instagram account AND TAG US in it with #ilovemychiropractor.

Once you do the above, you are instantaneously entered for a chance to win a $50 gift card to iPic Theatres!

*Really wanna win? Earn THREE chances to win by posting the picture as your profile or cover photo from today until contest ends.

Contest ends February 13th at 5 pm.  Winner will be announced February 14th at 10 am!

Good luck!  LYLAS!



We’re once again partnering with Operation Gratitude in providing soldiers all across the world a little bit of “sweetness” as a thanks for all they do! We collected over 1,300 LBS to donate…let’s make it 2,000 LBS this year! A great opportunity for your kids to give back to others!


photo (10)Many of you have met our newest member to the NDC family, Charity!  We are so happy to have her sweet and caring personality in our office and hope you do too!

She’ll be greeting you, scheduling appointments and answering any questions you may have!  Learn all about her below in an exclusive Q&A!

Q: Where are you from?
A: I grew up in Cedar City, Utah but my family now lives in McKinney, TX so that is where home is now.

Q: Tell us about your family
A: I am the oldest of 6 kids. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I have 8 nieces and nephews on my husband’s side. Interesting fact about me… I share a birthday with 2 of my siblings!

Q: Where did you go to school?
A: I graduated in 2013 from Utah Valley University with my Bachelors in Community Health Education. 

Q: What’s your favorite movie?
A: I love Disney Movies or old musicals. My current favorite would have to be Mary Poppins.

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?
A: I love doing things outdoors (camping, hiking, fishing etc), making cards and cooking. I love to try new recipes. So if you have any awesome ones feel free to send them my way 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite food to eat?
A: Anything Italian or Mexican.

Q: What are you passionate about?
A: I am passionate about health and fitness. I love learning about how to get healthier as well as stay healthy and I love sharing that information with others.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at New Directions Chiropractic so far?
A: I love how friendly everyone is. I also love that it is such a family friendly environment. Growing up with a big family, I love my family and it’s so great to work at a place that values family as much as I do.

Q: What would you like patients to know?
A: I love all your smiling faces and I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you better.

We think Charity has been doing a great job and we hope you’ll welcome her to our NDC family!

EverlyIt’s a GIRL! We are so blessed to announce our little girl, Everly Grace Harrison, born July 7, 2014.  A huge thanks to Leslie and all our wonderful friends at the Allen Birth Center for helping us achieve our natural home birth. Below is a brief version of Everly’s birth story!

The due date (July 5) came and went…and just like every expectant mom experience, I was certain this baby was never coming, even if I knew better!  The morning of July 7 around 3:30 am, I woke up with contractions and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to walk around to see if they were real. Sure enough, they stayed pretty consistent, so I woke up Jonathon about an hour later and had him time them.  By about 6:30 am, they were coming about every 4-5 minutes, so we called the midwife and she was on her way!

I was still preparing for a lot of work ahead, since my last labor was so long…and was so surprised and encouraged when I was already at a 6-7 cm, 80% effaced when midwife Leslie arrived!  Spent time laboring all around the house, squatting, swaying, walking, sitting…you name it, I probably did it!  Thankful for the support of a fantastic midwife, husband and doula who kept me positive and laboring like a champ.  Water breaking was my ticket and sure enough, after a handful of pushes later, baby was born into Jonathon’s arms at 11:45 am!

We were thrilled to hear “It’s a girl” and so was big sister, Delaney!  We are so in love and incredibly honored to be parents to these blessings God has given us!  Thank you to all of your well wishes, notes and gifts…it means so much to us and we are very grateful that you are a part of our extended family here at NDC!


Our 2nd Annual Stars, Stripes & Spines is coming! We’re beating the heat and celebrating in the office this year, all week beginning Friday, June 27th thru Saturday July 5th!

Join us for cool summer treats, American trivia & the chance to spin Uncle Sam’s Prize Wheel for patriotic prizes like tickets to the movies, baseball, bowling, massages and more!

Here’s three ways you can Spin 2 Win! Everyone who spins is a winner!

1. REFER A FRIEND: Refer a friend to our office during Stars, Stripes & Spines week and both YOU and your FRIEND will get a spin!

2. SHARE YOUR STORY: Make your mark…share your success story by filming or writing your experience to share with others and you’re guaranteed a SPIN!

3. WRITE A GLOWING GOOGLE/YELP REVIEW: Tell the American people why they should take part in TRUE healthcare and wellness here at NDC and SPIN away!

Time to Yankee Doodle Dandy on over! Book your appointments…you won’t want to miss out on all our firecrakin’ & knee-slappin’ fun!


It’s everyone’s favorite summer pastime…”Where in the World is Dr. H?”

Dr. Harrison is ready to tag along for another summer full of adventure with you!  So easy to play!

Screen shot 2014-05-28 at 4.24.33 PMHere’s how it works:

1. Grab one of Dr. H’s face cutouts in the office and bring him on your vacation/stay-cation/summer fun.

2. Snap a picture of him vacationing with you…roaming with bison, eating Chicago style pizza, lounging with you on the beach, etc. and send it to us, or upload it on our facebook/twitter/instagram with hashtag #whereintheworldisdrh

3. At the end of the summer, we’ll give away prizes for the most creative, adventurous and funniest pics we see!

Contest ends August 31st!  Happy summer everyone!

We love sharing our patient’s stories with you…we are truly honored and thrilled to be helping Tristan on his journey to health!


My name is Tristan and I am a freshman at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  I am a typical teenager who loves to spend time with my friends, play video games and play football.  Most of my life I have suffered from asthma.  It has held my life back and I haven’t been who I want to be on the field because of the severity of my condition.  My parents took me from a very early age to a pediatric pulmonologist.  His answer for me was tons of prescriptions. I can’t begin to tell you how many prescriptions I have had in my 16 years of life!  They would give me temporary relief but left me feeling tired and shaky and I usually gained weight due to them. 

The past two years I have really struggled to breathe and my asthma seemed to be getting a bit worse.   I signed up to play basketball and football my freshman year and my asthma was such an issue.  My coaches were so understanding and we worked together in dealing with when and if I should need to come off the court to get my breathing under control.  I never want to come off the court or field because of asthma. So, it left me pretty discouraged and like there wasn’t an answer for me and my health issues. 

My mom started seeing Dr. Harrison a few months ago for some neck issues.  One afternoon they were talking about me and how my mom was left with no option but to make an appointment with the pulmonologist again.  I knew she and my dad were discussing this so I would hide my asthma attacks and go to my room and shut the door. I didn’t want to them to see how many I was having because I knew they were sending me back to the world of meds.  I would rather struggle for my breaths than to go back and be put on a plethora of drugs.  Dr. Harrison asked my mom if she had ever considered chiropractic care for me and if he could have a shot at helping me first. She obliged. 

I met with him and we formulated a plan. Dr. Harrison at the helm along with my mom and myself began my journey toward a healthy me.  I left his office that day so full of hope and knew inside this route was for me.  I actually cried on the way home I was so relieved and happy inside.  I can say that I have hardly had an issue with my asthma since seeing him.  He has given me inspiration through how he lives life as well as his practice.  I see him three times a week and am eating healthy.  I feel so great! I have lost weight and can now do an hour of cardio and not have to use my inhaler. My mom never made that appointment with the pulmonologist, I don’t need him now.  I give Dr. Harrison all the credit. Well, and God for leading my mom to their office.”

Chiropractic works! We expect miracles like this every day…thank you Tristan, you are an inspiration and being the reason we do what we do!

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