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We’ve got you covered…in-network!
26th Oct 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic News 0

New Directions Chiropractic is happy to announce that we are participating providers for the following networks: BlueCross BlueShield Cigna UnitedHealthcare We hope that this will provide a benefit to you and your family and allow us to care for many of you in the North Dallas area! Please contact our office at 214.215.4119 or through […]

Dear Halloween Candy…

Oh Halloween Candy…our relationship is quite confusing! While I appreciate the joy you bring to my kids (myself included), sometimes you are just too much to handle. We love devouring your tasty snickers bars and scrumptious peanut butter m&m’s, but the aftermath you leave behind, ultimately leaves much to be desired. Our happy candy-filled kids, […]

How’d you do it?
12th Oct 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic for Kids 1

Warning:  There is some slight (or more than slight) bragging in here about my daughter.  I wouldn’t be a good dad if I didn’t right? ———————— We recently took my daughter to the pediatrician for her 1-year check-up.  It was a great experience. The doctor was on time, all our concerns were addressed, Delaney was […]

Headaches…we’re done with you!
26th Sep 2011Posted in: Blog, Condiiton of the Week 0

We all know headaches rank a big fat zero on the 0-10 Fun scale. Whether they’re irritating, sharp, throbbing or debilitating, headaches are NEVER fun…and it’s even worse when they just won’t seem to go away. With 9 out of 10 Americans affected, my guess is you or someone you know experiences headaches that an […]

Extreme Home Makeover: Chiropractic Edition!
31st Aug 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Fun 0

Yep. Those many hours I begrudgingly watched HGTV with my wife have finally paid off! I’m happy to say that we have finally finished the renovations to our office. Many of our long-time patients have watched the office transform into a pretty cool place to be. We thank you for your patience during this process…we […]

Day 10 of Super Food Challenge: Blueberries
2nd Aug 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Nutrition 0

Congratulations, you made it to Day 10! Blueberries rounds out this 10 Day Super Food Challenge. Eating blueberries, or “brain-berries” as I’d like to call them, is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp. Studies have shown that those who eat blueberries do better on short-term memory, balance and coordination and motor skill tests. […]

Day 9 of Super Food Challenge: Broccoli
1st Aug 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Nutrition 0

Broccoli is infamously known as the last vegetable left on the veggie tray; however, now that you know it’s a super food, you might want to give the veggie a little more love. The greatness of broccoli is in its fiber. Eating broccoli can aid in better digestion and provide that “roughage” we inevitably need […]

Day 7 of Super Food Challenge: Garlic
28th Jul 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Nutrition 1

You might need a mint or two after eating this super food, but garlic has some pretty good benefits, other than warding off vampires (and first dates). Since ancient history, garlic has been known for it’s amazing healing properties. It’s one of the oldest known plants in the world and it’s been used to treat […]

Day 6 of Super Food Challenge: Tomatoes
27th Jul 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Nutrition 0

To-may-to, to-mah-to…no matter how you say it, it’s SUPER. Tomatoes are a super food because they’re loaded with lycopene (another carotenoid), one of the best-known antioxidants for you. Lycopene reduces the risks of cancer, particularly prostate, breast, colon and lung. Eating tomatoes can also boost your immune system and guard you against illnesses such as […]

Day 3 of Super Food Challenge: Spinach
22nd Jul 2011Posted in: Blog, Chiropractic Nutrition 0

This blog post is brought to you by none other than Popeye himself. Spinach is sort of the mack daddy in the Super Food game.  I’d even go so far as to say it could be the most SUPER of them all.  Not only is it one of the single most healthy foods on earth, […]

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