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Every birth, from natural labor to those with interventions, is a special event in a woman's life that we hope she remembers with a sense of triumph. We aim to empower families to make informed choices based upon their needs and values surrounding birth and postpartum.

Birth doula

She helps you prepare your birth plan, communicate more effectively with your care provider, works with you and your partner prepare for roles and relaxation for the big day. She either labors with you at home for as long as you wish or meets you directly at your birth place (birth center or hospital). She is there for every contraction and her sole responsibility is mother and partner's emotional well being and support.

Postpartum doula

Getting the hang of breastfeeding, enjoying 2 solid hours of naptime without the phone or wondering if the baby is okay, general housekeeping or meal preparation. This and more is the role of the postpartum doula - who mothers the mother so she can baby her baby!

Our goal is to provide each mother and her partner with the doula companionship that works best for their needs. We recommend our partner doulas at MotherMe Doulas, which can be found at mothermedoulas.com.

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