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Chiropractic care is similar to building a house. Each part is essential but must be built in order to achieve stability, strength and longevity. Our first goal is to relieve any pain or discomfort that may bring you to our office initially. Upon pain relief, our next objective is corrective care, which allows bones, muscles and tissues to heal and strengthen properly, thereby preventing further injury. Lastly, our ultimate goal is to provide you with wellness chiropractic, where you maintain and seek a proactive approach to your health. We find those who follow the care plan specific to their needs, are more satisfied with their overall health.

Your first visit

During your first visit with us, we will spend time getting to know you and your needs. The doctor will consult with you to discuss your health history, current complaints and answer any questions you may have. You will undergo a thermal imaging scan, which measures the effectiveness of your body's functionality. You will then be asked to complete a comprehensive physical exam which will measure your range of motion, muscle strength and tone, balance, coordination, spinal alignment and neurological integrity. We will schedule your next appointment with you, where your diagnosis and care will be discussed.

Your second visit

On your second visit, we will sit with you and review the results of your consultation/exam and discuss your individual care plan. The doctor will then begin your care with adjustments and therapy tailored to your needs. With each visit, we will explain to you how your body may respond to the adjustments/therapy and help you identify those responses. The doctor will also recommend stretches or strengthening exercises and nutritional information to complement your care.

A typical office visit

Subsequent appointments are generally 15 minutes or less. We will always discuss any changes you have in your health and continue to care for you based on your progress and results. We find those who follow the care plan specific to their needs, find relief sooner and stay healthier.

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